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Essential Therapeutics Amigel Gel (vegetable gelling agent) 500g


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Amigel is our unique gelling agent derived from the yeast Sclerotium rolfsii grown on a glucose sugar culture. Known as a polysaccharide gel (meaning “many sugars”), Amigel has the highest capacity to absorb water than any other vegetable gelling agent and will accept a large amount of additional ingredients.

We offer our prepared Amigel at a 2% concentration in distilled water, with the addition of an Ecocert-approved preservative system for natural & organic products – gluconolactone & sodium benzoate. With prepared Amigel, you can add up to an additional 25% of oily ingredients to create a stable, cream-like preparation. This means that you can fully customise the preparation you desire. Hence, you can add any essential oil or blend, pure vegetable oil, Essential Fatty Acid oils, Herbal Infused Oils, vitamins and so on.


Amigel & Laponite Gel – Which gel is better to use? 
It is often just a matter of personal preference. Amigel will accept a higher amount of additional ingredients, if this is required. It can also be thinned down to a more water-like consistency. Amigel also has a relatively ‘slippery’ feel on the skin.

Laponite creates a stiffer gel with a nice “astringent” feel when applied. If 15% or less of additional ingredients are to be added, Laponite is a fine choice. Try experimenting with both gels!

Direction for Use

Amigel can be diluted to an almost water-like consistency. At a concentration of only 0.2% (that would be one part Amigel to nine parts water), up to 10% of additional ingredients can be added, to create a sprayable or pumpable preparation. Or, you can create a pumpable ‘serum’ preparation by using a 1% concentration of Amigel (this would be one part Amigel to one part water). In making your own creams and lotions, Amigel can be added to help stabilise and emulsify oily ingredients, and gives a beautiful “skin feel” to your creams as well.


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