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Essen Therap Base Essential Lotion 1L


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Essential Therapeutics offers a lotion form of their popular Essential Base Cream. Containing the same ingredients, Essential Base Lotion is a lighter, less oily version of the cream. It makes an excellent carrier base for all types of applications, including Aromatherapy preparations, massage, reflexology, podiatry and general skin care.

Ingredients & Excipients

Instead of mineral oil and other synthetic ingredients, Essential Base Lotion is based on the pure vegetable oils of Sweet Almond, Macadamia and Coconut. The full ingredient list includes pure Cocoa Butter, vegetable oil derived emulsifying wax, distilled water, vegetable oil derived glycerine, Rosemary antioxidant and grapefruit seed extract as a natural preservative.

Direction for Use

Like Essential Base Cream, Essential Base Lotion can be used as a general moisturiser for the body, face and hands as is, or for creating customised preparations. Up to a 10% dilution of pure essential oils, Massage Concentrates or Skin Synergies can be added. Simply add the extra ingredients and mix in well.


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