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Essential Therapeutics Ultimate Base Cream 100ml


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This is the créme de la créme of base creams – truly natural, highly regenerative and suitable for serving a variety of skin complaints – all without being ridiculously expensive! Consequently, Ultimate Base Cream is excellent to use for any common skin condition, for its healing, rejuvenative and moisturising qualities.

Ultimate Base Cream is a perfect companion for Skin Synergy Blends – blends of pure essential oils and aromatic extracts for specific skin conditions. Ultimate Base Cream can accept up to an additional 10% of essential oils, herbal extracts, etc., without separating. Generally, the addition of 0.5% to 1.5% of Skin Synergy Blends or other pure essential oils is sufficient for treating most skin conditions. Simply add the essential oils and stir in well.

Most cosmetic creams do not use these very useful essential fatty acids, because these highly polyunsaturated oils go rancid (oxidise) relatively quickly. Rancid oils are not good for the skin. Since large cosmetic companies want at least a three year “shelf life” for their products, only highly stable synthesised oils, mineral oils, etc., are generally used. Companies who do produce products with EFA oils like Rose Hip, generally fail to give consumers a realistic “use by” date, meaning that such products can be quite rancid. In contrast, we produce Ultimate Base Cream in small batches, with a full complement of our natural Rosemary antioxidant and we give you a realistic use by date on each jar.

Ingredients & Excipients

Ultimate Base Cream contains a wealth of skin regenerating ingredients: Essential Fatty Acid vegetable oils of Evening Primrose, Rose Hip, Hemp Seed, Shea Butter and Centella Infused Oil. The skin serving Vitamins – D, E, B6 and Panthenol. All in a natural base of palm oil monoglyceride emulsifier, sclerotium gel, distilled water, vegetable glycerine, Rosemary antioxidant and our Ecocert-approved preservative blend.

Storage Conditions

We recommend that Ultimate Base Cream be kept in a cool dark place; the refrigerator is best.


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