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Healthwise L-Lysine 1kg Powder


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HealthWise® L-Lysine HCL is 100% pure pharmaceutical grade amino acid.

Lysine is an essential amino acid and is a basic building block of all protein. This nutrient was first isolated in 1889 from casein. Vegan and strict vegetarian diets, using grains as the only source of protein can be deficient in this nutrient.

Did you know?
Lysine was the subject of the largest ever U.S. price-fixing court case, garnering a massive $100 million settlement and resulted in the conviction of 3 executives who served prison time for the offense. The case was the subject of “The Informant” – the 2009 film starring Matt Damon.



  • 100% pure powder.
  • Pharmaceutical grade.
  • Packed without fillers or flowing agents.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Gluten free.
  • Dairy free.

HealthWise® Amino Powders are pure pharmaceutical grade powders and are packed by weight not volume, without the use of fillers or flowing agents. Some of the powders are slightly hygroscopic (retain moisture) and this can result in clumping. This can be broken apart with a spoon before taking or dissolved in water.

Ingredients & Excipients

100% pure L-Lysine Hydrochloride.

Specific weight:

One 5ml metric teaspoon = 3000mg

Dose & Administration

Serving suggestion:
As a dietary supplement, take approx. 1000mg (1/3 level teaspoon), preferably before meals.


Best way to take lysine is on an empty stomach – but if you have forgotten a serving, you may take it with food.



  • This product is sold as a food only.
  • For specific conditions, please consult your health professional.

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Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly, Vegetarian


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