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Hopi Candles by Jili Hamilton


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Hopi candles by Jili Hamilton
From the back cover:
The ear treatment candle (or cone) goes back thousands of years, evidence of its use having been found among Native Americans, Latin Americans and people from around the Mediterranean basin.
Its main objective us to stimulate the body’s energy systems, working on the acupuncture points in the ear and the peripheral lymph system. It is also extremely effective in such conditions as sinusitis, glue ear, migraine, impacted wax etc. and for relaxation.
This is the first book that deals with the subject in-depth as Jili Hamilton brings us to the benefit of her experience, together with numerous anecdotes from her clients.
Being a previous sceptic about both the benefits and safety of Hopi Candles, this book has completely changed my perspective. Jili’s book has provided me with a fresh insight on this treatment. It is certainly something I hope to soon offer my clients and would recommend this book to any therapist who would like to offer extra treatments to clients with conditions such as excessive ear wax, blue ear, migraine and headache, sinus problems and much more.
Eileen Burns (Therapist, Scotland)


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