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LifeSPRINGS Colloidal Minerals – 75 Plant Derived Minerals 500ml


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Minerals, especially from plants, are some of the most important nutrients the body needs that it cannot make for itself and are essential to the proper functioning of the body. In addition to their nutrient value, they facilitate enzymatic actions, and vitamins cannot perform many of their necessary functions without using minerals as catalysts.
We get our minerals from the plants we eat. Plants cannot make minerals and rely on their uptake directly from the soil. Soil has been depleted of minerals through centuries of over-farming, and as a result, we are often deprived of the essential minerals we need for good health and longevity.
Plant Derived Minerals are non-toxic, negatively charged and 100% all natural plant derived mineral blend balanced by nature. They contain no preservatives, synthetic substances or flavourings that might contaminate the pure and precious final product.

Ingredients & Excipients

Purified Water, PLANT DERIVED MINERALS in varying presence and trace amounts

Direction for Use

Mix 5ml daily after a meal with 200ml of your favourite fruit or vegetable juice or water.
Because LifeSPRINGS MINERALS 75 is highly concentrated, 5ml per day is sufficient.
Children should use 2.5ml per day.

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Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Organic Ingredients, Vegan Friendly, Vegetarian


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