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Nature’s Pet Arthri-Stix Snaps x 6 Pack


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Nature’s Pet Arthri-Stix are:
• Snap ‘N’ Share – 8 Snap-Stix
• Tasty pet treat rewards
• Chewing exercises gums and may help reduce tartare build up
• May help reduce joint inflammation and make joints more mobile
• Gluten free
• Made in Australia
• No colouring agents, preservatives or fillers

Ingredients & Excipients

Contains Kangaroo blended with highly purified Glucosamine and not less than 220mg of Chondroitin sulphate per Snap-Stix.

Nutritional information per 100g
Energy:      1112kj
Protein:      40g
Fat – Total:      2g
Fat – Saturated:      0.6g
Carbohydrate:      21.2g
Iron:      5.5
Potassium:      534mg
Sodium:      937mg
Fibre:      0.75g

Direction for Use

Suggested Offering: One Snaps-Stix per 20kg bodyweight daily.


Pet Food Only
Not Recommended for use in growing puppies or pregnant dogs.

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Sulphate Free


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