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Essen Therap Emulsifying Wax 1kg


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Emulsifying Wax is an effective emulsifier that allows you to easily create stable creams and lotions. There a number of emulsifying waxes available on the market. Some companies attempt to promote their emulsifying wax as “100% natural”, which is simply not true. All emulsifying waxes use one type or other of a semi-synthetic emulsifier. One popular wax uses the problematic sodium lauryl sulfate as the primary emulsifier. It works well as an emulsifier – but it is too strong and drying to the skin and is best avoided.

Essential Therapeutics offers the most benign Emulsifying Wax available. It is a mixture of 90% cetyl alcohol (a natural fatty alcohol – like a fatty acid – extracted from palm oil) and 10% PEG – 25 stearate. This is a semi-synthetic emulsifier, again made from palm oil (not animals) that is effective but very mild on the skin. Our emulsifying wax is guaranteed to be free any toxic by-products and is approved both for Kosher and Hallal use.


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